Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Chris Pellnat stirs his folk with two parts art rock and one part whimsy on "Hold Me Now"

"like a frowny-face emoji"

Chris Pellnat's (The Warp / The Weft) solo full length "Rain" while steeped in a lot of classic folk sounds does feel a bit twisted. A 50's big band sound done folk style might jump behind one curtain and 60's psychedelia might stir behind another. On the track Hold Me Now, the musical mix feels like art rock meets an Italian Gothic movie circa 1978. The dramatic down beats, the pearly keys, timpani drums and vibraphone feels whimsical and askew at the same time. Pellnat's earnest roots folk vocal aesthetic anchors it, keeping it from melting over like a Salvador Dali painting. 

-Robb Curtius


Chris Pellnat does the singer-songwriter thing his own way. He uses strange amalgamations of sound, like dulcimer, vibraphone and retro synth - to build incredibly unique, melodic songs. Hailing from Hudson, NY (USA), Chris also plays guitar in the Poughkeepsie-based psychedelic band, The Warp/the Weft.

In March 2020 he released his album "Rain" on Houdini Mansions records:

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