Thursday, June 30, 2022

Lukka and the synth rock positivity of "Wisdom of the Sun" (Official Video)


"Sometimes / Everything in Life doesn't look like as it seems to be / In my Mind / Anything comes down so beautiful and crystal clear..."

I am from So Cal and, well, a lot of us worship the sun (and the surf). "Wisdom of the Sun" by Lukka, the musical child of German-born, New York City-based artist Franzi Szymkowiak, and accompanied with a trippy, spacey, multi-colored flared Official Video as directed by Simone Brillarelli and that reminds me of the government produced 60's warning shorts bout the ill effects of L.S.D., is a wonderfully immersive psychedelic synth rocker. The track that has the overriding theme of "finding positivity in the darkest of situations" is from Lukka's upcoming sophomore album "Something Human" scheduled for a August 26th release.

I am loving "Wisdom of the Sun" retro sense, the vintage organ / synth rolling lines. The splashes of choral / vocal density that feels even bohemian garden hippie church like (dare I say, late 70's cult like even?). This bipolar-esque, ying-yangian countenance attaches an eerie presence. That kind of sense that those happy shiny people could not possibly have found bliss. Anyway, that is my take on the pervasive sonic sunshine looked at through spread fingers. Any way you look at it, the sound is wonderfully beautiful and thought provoking.

But I don't want to let my jaded ears negate the songs positive message in any way. A message that extends to "Something Human" as press notey stuff indicate (bracketed):   

[Something Human is far from frivolous flower-child ramblings. Rather, its inspiring messages of conscious, responsible togetherness are rooted in hard science and first-hand global experience.

The album speaks to both the head and the heart. It acts as a psychedelic synth-rock odyssey and a shot of science-based spirituality, the 10-song LP wraps messages of oneness and self-determination inside the multi-layered melodicism, cultured retro-electronica, and tastefully effected guitars. “Transmitting the message of love and oneness through music is very important to me,” stated Szymkowiak.]

AND, god, we need more love in the world. Sadly, that will never change. 

-Robb Donker Curtius


Lukka is an experimental rock group from NYC combining 80's synth sounds with psychedelic delay guitars.

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