Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Nuisance and the otherworldly cinema of "Qanisqineq"


"someone let the fire go out, someone left their head in the clouds..."

The title track "Qanisqineq" from Los Angeles based Nuisance's latest EP feels like a living breathing entity. Maybe that is because the notes expressed by the keyboards have a percussive texture and among the pearly background tones their is a sense of otherworldly ambience. Throw William J. Seidel's vocal countenance, absolutely tenderly magnetic against Ryan E. Weber's musicianship and universe building (composing via the crafting of virtual Onomatopeia instruments) and the experience is highly immersive, cinematic and surreal. 

-Robb Donker Curtius 


On their debut release under the Nuisance moniker, longtime collaborators William J. Seidel and Ryan E. Weber offer up Kuchisabishii (Lonely Mouth), a gorgeous and fascinating take on dream pop through a folk and modern classical-inspired lens.

After two years of recording instruments and meticulously coding them into software, Weber decided the inaugural run on the programs should be in contrast; immediate, expressive, and impressionistic. Thus, he allotted himself only two days to write and record the entirety of the music using only the Onomatopeia Series of instruments. He then conceptualized a general theme and a particular series of rules for vocal treatments. Two more days were allocated to Seidel to compose and record his voice, one song at a time, as it is presented to the listener.

The end result is a peerless concept that masterfully marries album creation with artist-designed virtual instruments. Sonically, Kuchisabishii is a beguiling demonstration of intimacy, immediacy, and musical artistry. Conceptually, it is an example of visionary workmanship that takes a listener to new artistic frontiers, where they can be a passive listener or actively engage with the sounds on the album.

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