Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Lovely Bad Things and Christopher Walken - "I Just Want You to Go Away" LIVE

We have been waiting for the official music video for "I Just Want You to Go Away" from The Lovely Bad Things  Burger Records EP (on cassette) and the soon to be released Vinyl from Volcom Entertainment - New Ghosts / Old Waves for some time. Rumor has it that it may be produced by a friend of the band in the next couple of months. We love this song and jumped at the chance to be part of a Live Performance 3 camera guerilla shoot. Of course, the goal in shooting a live concert is always in trying to capture the raw energy and the nuances in the performance. While the Lovely Bad Things always pump up the energy, it was clear after the first 4 songs of their set that the fully engaged dancing audience had to be a large part of the focus. The energy in that room transferred from the band to the audience and back again was amazing. We captured the sound with a stereo pocket recorder (Zoom Q3) as well as stereo mics from the photographers pit camera. Guerilla Film making with awesome results that make you feel like you are at the show. One of my favorite moments is the guy fist pumping right on the guitar down beats! Produced in association with Volcom Ent, Assembly Line Productions and us, American Pancake. Enjoy!

P.S. Some people have been asking me about Christopher Walken mentioned in the title of this blog. Well it refers to one of the coolest t-shirts I have seen that Camron Ward is wearing. I have been racking my brain trying to remember what particular movie that pic is from. Anyone know??? 


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