Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guadalupe Plata by Guadalupe Plata Album Review

Guadalupe Plata's self titled crosses all cultural barriers with a narcotic dose of a blues slide guitar and choppy swampy surfy porch blues back beats. These 3 guys from Ubeda, Spain dig a groove so deep in their blues dirt that you will find it hard to climb out of it. It is infectious stuff. It feels sweaty and cool, it rolls it's cigarettes in it's shirt sleeve. It is twangy semi-hollow bodied sex guitar blues rock. All 13 songs on Guadalupe Plata burn grooves and dance. In truth, these songs are not built on hooky choruses- they don't feel like conventional songs at all but more like free-form jams. It is a kind of blues- rock - rockabilly - swamp blues with a punk rock take no prisoners sort of mayhem that you will yearn to hear live.

My favorite tracks are the inspired barn burner Lorena, the almost blues meets surf rock Estoy Roto. The psychotropic Rai which feels like a chemical stewed swamp dream and El Tigre y La Yedra which feels like a carnival of lost souls with twisted organ, blues guitar and bicycle bells. It strolls along like a sped up Ferris wheel. Experience this music. You will not be disappointed.

Adler Bloom

Guadalupe Plata will be performing at SXSW
Guadalupe Plata Bandcamp

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