Saturday, November 3, 2012

Album Review- Restraint by Orca Team

Orca Team (Dwayne Cullen- drums, Jessica B.- guitar, Leif Anders- Bass and vocals) hail from Seattle Washington so you would think that their songs are dampened at least a little bit by the Northwest rain and fog but this is not the case at all. Whether it is the surfy bass bounce in Night Moves and Michael that cooks and shimy shakes like a 60's Beach Blanket Bingo movie or the beautiful translucent guitar work in Ocean Ghost and I've Been Crying All Day that steps into full fledged tear jerker status, Orca's post punk /mod sound brings to mind music from the late 50's to the late 60's. It is a musical foundation that many bands like to mine but while bands like Shannon and The Clams or Hunx and His Punx (who I am big fans of) infuse their sound with a wink and a punk smile, Orca Team's sound feels more direct. Both approaches work. Ander's vocals for the most part are sung cleanly, no strident snarl or screams here. He instead infuses his melodies with a tender sometimes sad tone. Orca Team also has a decidedly Brit feel. The compositions are tightly wound, all the pieces fitting perfectly together. The ninth track - If (one of my favorites) cooks like a Jam song. It absolutely kicks ass as does Restraint.
Robb Donker

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