Friday, April 4, 2014

ACROSS MY DESK: Madelin and Rhino House Band-

A lot of different types of music come across my email desk. It is a lot to take on as someone who tries to respond to everyone during the "in between" times as I juggle work and life's other trials and tribulations. Quite frankly, much of the material (in many genres) really sound pretty much the same or it just doesn't speak to me in any kind of emotional or creative way. That being said, there is a wealth of talent out there and every time I stumble across "it" or them me, it is so great. Here are some recent submissions that have something or show promise.

MADELIN seems to be a project more than a band name as far as I can tell. The three Danish guys at the helm are producer Natal Zaks, Mads Buhl and Tobias Schse who all happen to be 23 years old. The track "Get It On" awash in a moody synth drone and Church organs it feels utterly sad. The vocal track is pretty much buried which, at first, disappointed me because I wanted to hear the words. In the end, the emotion of the track won me over and the lovely vocal sounds became just that... sounds in this stirring heart tug.

An Album release is scheduled for this summer (more on that later).

RHINO HOUSE BAND is a three piece indie pop band out of Brooklyn. To be completely honest, the first track (Little Things) on their Golden Summer EP almost turned me off. The song seemed almost Disneyfied in it's approach. Super clean and sparkly with a super poppy sound. The vocal performance did have grit and it had enough passion to keep me listening and I am thankful I did. It is a fun track that the rest of the EP feels more emotionally and musically expansive.


James' Song is a crunchy indie pop ballad full of hooks and heart. It soars and has an embraceable sound that truly makes you feel something. Love the lead attack so much. Kind of made me think of Weezer a bit.

Stopping In The City has that distant feel like it was recorded in a subway. Forlorn beautiful melodies with lyrics that tell a story. Very sweet and sweeping at the same time. Some budding or established film maker should use this song.

Dirty Hobo in some ways feels like it could be a Paul Simon song. Part folk and blues boogie it goes in directions you would not expect.
Robb Donker

Check "Golden Summer" out on Rhino House Band's Bandcamp:

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