Saturday, August 30, 2014

Late to the Party but I found Cristina Black- "Summer's Over" - A pretty and painful affair

Cristina Black is an accomplished singer songwriter, musician and journalist. Besides having a beautiful voice that lays a thick patina of sardonic wit and sadness over her more than candid lyrics she plays the baritone ukulele, harp and piano.

Her Twitter tag says: Pretty songs about difficult things and that description is pretty right on. If you are like me, one of the unfortunate ones who were not familiar with this special artist, then take a listen. The single "Summer's Over" (released on August of 2013) is such a stark and candid track. It is not often that you hear something so easy to relate to, so truthful about all those "shitty affairs" of life. Whether based on actual events or not it is certainly full of truth and (as such) is filled with both pain, hope and a sad sense of humor.

After "Summer's Over" I let a bunch of Cristina's songs play on and lost myself in their lovely embrace. She is a special find indeed. Yes, I am often late to the party but I am glad I showed up this time.
Robb Donker

Cristina Black Twitter

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