Monday, September 1, 2014

LO FAT ORCHESTRA - EP "We Need You" is a Swiss Treat You Will Want to Consume

I don't know that much about LO FAT ORCHESTRA except that they are 3 guys out of Switzerland who makes some interesting killer sounds. I have always loved the 3 piece make up. It just appeals to my sense of efficiency, economy of sounds and such and the fact that the lead vocalist pumps out some thick interesting synth as opposed to rhythm guitar is very cool and works so well for what they crank out. When I first listened to the EP "We Need You"- I thought of varied artists from late 70's electronic / proto punk band The Normal to 80's Gary Numan to Kraftwerk which you an feel in the track Down In The Basement as well as the title track We Need You. In this track you can also feel some of the metal heaviness of bands like Nine Inch Nails. On the flip side there is a  pop electronic punkish feel to songs like I Don't Know How to Get Back To You and maybe my favorite song on this EP- Uli Has A New Boyfriend which sonically slaps a smile on my face every single time I listen to it. It a blistering jam of a song hinged on one vocal refrain and it simply grabs you up close and does not let go. This will surely be on my top 100 records list for 2014.

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