Wednesday, September 24, 2014

After You Hear "Sloppy Joes" by Vomitface You May Need A Penicillin Shot

What kind of disgusting name for a band is Vomitface? I want to hate this band so bad. The skinny as a scarecrow guitarist / lead singer with the Emo Philips haircut throwing aside snarky smart ass gestures, the obligatory bearded hipstery bass player and a girl drummer who is.... well, actually quite beautiful and lays down a formidable powerful perfectly splashy beat on Sloppy Joes.

I want to fucking hate this New Jersey band but the song will not allow me to. The aforementioned monster beat chugs along while the barbiturate laden cadence of unbelievably dense dirty bass and guitar falling around a sparkly crisp finger picked progression. The vocal performance is both pretty and shrill in spots and yes, snarky. I do love this sound. The lead guitar stabbed me and it felt good. I admit I want to hear more from this band with the disgusting name that I don't like but the song is so nasty and good. I need a penicillin shot now.
Robb Donker

“Sloppy Joes” was directed by Tarik Karam (Extremely Loud and Incredible Close, The Reader). Editing by Vomitface.  Photography by Ari Rothschild.  Color by Jeff Sousa.
Vomitface will also make their CMJ Music Marathon debut this October 21st at Trash Bar in Brooklyn!

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