Monday, June 29, 2015

REVIEW: Self Titled EP by The Pocket Rockets - Deceptively Deep

As I listened to the Pocket Rockets self titled EP three things became abundantly clear. 1) Hate the name. 2) Each song became progressively better. 3) I am smiling.

This three piece outfit hail from East Los Angeles. While most people would put their sound under that general indie umbrella, to me, their is a lot more that is happening under the surface. The sound leans more power pop than punk but not so much as to sound too shiny. The music has soul and a live feel as well. They possess that hard to define quality that leans to that early 80s new wave / rock /  post punk sound of bands like Dramarama and The Dead Milkmen or the more contemporary The Drums. Some songs like "Somewhere We Can Be Alone" have an R & B heart. In this respect, Pocket Rockets also kind of remind me of The So So Glos although they have a decidedly different sound. Maybe The So So Glos stuck in a blender with Echo and the Bunnymen. Yeah, like I said a lot going on.

The Pocket Rockets are Ralph Blanco (vocals / bass) - Lyndon Miller (Guitar) and Chris Magallon (Drums). Rumor has it that it was recorded in Chris's bedroom. It was produced by Jon Siebels of Eve 6, Monsters Are Waiting, and Flybys. All the tracks shine but none more than the shimmy shaking MDNGHT. The boys weave together a dynamic track with a deep Motown groove with post punk guitar and bouncy melodies. Who Are We is sultry post punk with a touch of 80's Brit pop. Love it. If there is a "drive down Whittier Blvd in LA during the heat of summer" song it is Somewhere We Can Be Alone.

Cool songs with classic bones. I only wish I knew about the Pocket Rockets when I lived in the LA area. I am looking forward to hearing more and you should be too.
Robb Donker

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