Friday, June 26, 2015

Hear Tijuana Panthers - Introspective "Front Window Down" from the Upcoming "Poster" Album due out August 28th

When I listen to the Tijuana Panthers I usually break out in a smile. Hearing Front Window Down, the new single from their upcoming album "Poster" (on Innovative Leisure) due to drop on August 28th is no exception. My eyes opened widely at the dirty bass immediately followed by an incredibly hooky clean guitar line and infectious beat. It is Daniel, Chad and Phil doing their thing. This thing they do so damn well. The big smile happened at the chorus especially when Daniel hits the high note on "night". At that point I am fully invested in this track. It is so damn great and a little different for Tijuana Panthers. Yeah, it has a lot of those elements that has almost become a TP addictive formula like dirty and clean mixing together but this one feels more, I don't know, cagey. The groove is standoffishly cool and the vocal melody and performance feels a bit more introspective like Daniel is deep in thought recalling past emotional events. His voice has a faraway feel, even an ever so slight tinge of sadness (dare I say).  Absolutely love this track. Can't wait to hear the entire album.

Robb Donker

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