Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Hollywood" by Drug Cabin (On JAM IN THE VAN)- "feels like tight leather pants walking down Sunset Blvd"

I was first introduced to Drug Cabin when I saw them live and shot video of them performing "The One I Love" at an FYF show in Pomona, California. After that I reviewed their self titled album starting off the piece like this:

Drug Cabin's self titled album is brimming with folkish dreamy indie pop songs that embrace you with beautiful melodies laced with a full range of emotions, all that connect with you. Much of this connection hinges on Nathan Thelen's (Pretty Girls Make Graves and Moonrats) superb songwriting and vocal performances that are as laid back as they are earnest. 

Those words are still true as I watched the 3 songs Drug Cabin perfectly perform on Jam In The Van recently in Torrance, California except the songs feel a whole lot less folkish. They cut some deep grooves that blends rock and even funk vibes.

In the track "Hollywood" there is something within the melodies and sultry tones that feels very much like 1976. In a flash I thought of "Breakdown" by Tom Petty for some reason. Is it the Fender Rhodes sound of the keys or the atmosphere that feels like tight leather pants walking down Sunset Blvd? Whatever it is, in my mind, it is delicious. A sonic Polaroid casting imagery of days past. This song would feel at home in a period piece like Inherent Vice or hopefully some future piece of cinema. Love the sound. Check it out as well as the other songs that the always amazing Jam In The Van features and if you feel like it, check out the video I shot way back when.

Have a lovely day-
Robb Donker


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