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Taste Sir Kn8’s Quantum Physics- the flavor is an intersection of physics and philosophy

photo by Michael Busse

Taste Sir Kn8’s Quantum Physics
the flavor is an intersection of physics and philosophy
by Marissa Mireles

The Avocado is a delicious fruit that has many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that make your skin healthy, elastic, and shiny. The avocado grows in beautiful places and in general is a pretty beautiful fruit. This fun, filling, and tasty Earth creation will be extinct in the next fifty years, or less, it is truly dependent on how much we deplete the ozone layer in the next fifteen years. The Avocado is also, probably in more importance (due to the fact that maybe we can just save the seeds and grow more later) is Sir Kn8’s new single.

Who is Sir Kn8? What does the 8 mean? Well, firstly, just as his name implies, Sir Kn8 is a gentleman of the Universe’s court. He is a handsome and daring Word Wizard, much like little King Arthur but better, of course, for he not only rides into the night to protect our gentle souls by performing educational tech-sex sets at dives (see Sir Kn8 perform and you will understand the definition of tech-sex) but also jumps on his electric steed in the day and brings back the Grecian idea of a teacher, like a musical rendition of Plato or Socrates. he is a prolific speaker inciting the youth to learn things they usually would not give a fuck about if it were not for his blessed delivery and inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal. And I think the 8 stands for infinity, for energy is never lost only transferred.

The beginning of “The Avocado” is like a dream. A sunny day with birds singing and clouds hanging lazily in the sky barely swimming an inch in the horizon. It reminds me a little of Slim Shady but happier, positive, and educational. It is probably only the fact that Sir Kn8 is so great at saying a lot in a short period of time and using conversational rhythmic vocal patterns throughout so you feel he is talking to you. I think I will need another month to listen to this song to hear all the varying words, analogies, symbolism, and musical elements that are present in the song before I will know everything and then reach Nirvana. According to Sir Kn8 it is about “the ten "Categories" of Classical logic -- an examination of the ten things you can say about that fruit”. “Yes Please” is the B side and is a more raw, electric, zingy song. A little quippy and found to use more gripping vernacular, it is very passionate and reminds me of what a trip on mushrooms would be like with Willy Wonka and Einstein where they are arguing the need for G force on a subterranean island.

According to Sir Kn8’s bio, the past few years he has performed frequently in Brooklyn and the NY area (Silent Barn, Paper Box, Radio Bushwick, Muchmores, Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival 2014, to name a few), often in collaboration with fellow Show and Smell member Slop Wop as Slop Wop & Sir KN8, receiving enthusiastic write-ups from Brooklyn-based blogs (1.21 Gigiwatts, Pretext Social Club, Dingus) for their curious interweave of intricate rap, catchy melody and acrobatic beats, driven by drum machines and analog synth. In this capacity Sir KN8 has shared stages with the likes of Hemlock Ernst (Samuel Herring of Future Islands) and Mike Busse (formerly of Chronic Future and Future Lords.)

In a conversation with Sir KN8 on his musical approach, he said “In general, among my chief interests with this analogue is how it can be understood analytically (in scholarship) but also creatively (in performance), as you might imagine.” To hear this from an American rapper is ironically music to my ears. I do not think anyone else is like Sir Kn8 at all and anyone who enjoys good, fun, exciting, educational music need not look further than finding a Sir KN8 show or buying a single of bandcamp and letting the rest run its natural course. Last year his video "Makin' Bread", a recipe rap for a rustic Italian loaf, was an official selection at the Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival and Band Battle, and received the distinction "Most Instructional." He is one of the children that survived and is living within his human creativity to express really cool theories and I am sure there is much more to come.

Hear the first two singles here:

The rest of the album will be available Mid Jan 2015.

Upcoming Shows:

1/18 Quantum Electro Flavor Dynamics Record Release Show @ Nola, Darling (Chelsea, Manhattan)

1/23 @ The Cat Farm (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

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