Saturday, January 24, 2015

Melted's "25 Years" Makes My Brain Happy- from upcoming Burger Records Release

The first time I heard Melted was last year and it was live. While I didn't say it, I remember thinking "Holy Fuck" because the happy synapses in my brain were firing like safe and sane fireworks that were MacGyver-ed into the "don't blow your fingers off" kind. Besides the pure punk sound that is instantly addictive, they put on a live show deserving of their songs that are full of jagged guitar lines and full thrust drum and bass anarchistic punk attacks in that Vandals / Circle Jerks vein tempered with the cynical (even semi humorous) vocal slap of a band like the Dickies. But comparisons thrown aside they are their own  cool thing, standing on formidable punk leather clad shoulders yes but feeling fresh and new and alive.

Burger Records in all their indie wisdom will release Melted on cassette and while I cannot wait to hear it, you and I can (at least) hear the single called "25 Years" and it begs to be replayed over and over again. Those happy synapses in my brain are screaming "Holy Fuckity Fuck" all over again!
Robb Donker

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