Thursday, February 5, 2015

Drug Cabin - "California" Official Song of The Golden State (?)

The cool sonic wash of Drug Cabin's track California off their current album "Yard Work" is so lushly languid that it makes you feel like you are levitating. The ambling beat, pedal steel embrace and dream inducing vocals stir your brain into a soft chill wave, a contact high. You can't help but ease into it, close your eyes and think of LA backyard parties or clandestine beach fire pits at the Bolsa Chica cliffs. This should be the official song of the Golden State. Enjoy the love. Full review of Yard Work soon.
Robb Donker

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  1. They released Wiggle Room shortly after Yard Work, and thank God they did, I was listening a loooot to Yard Work - I almost got tired of it!! Love both of them, of course. Will be waiting for that review.