Saturday, March 21, 2015

SUBSETS - "twothousandfourteen" Addictive London Punk from Cincinnati, Ohio

As I dashed up and down my Twitter feed I saw this amazing graphic which turned out to be the Subsets album cover for "twothousandfourteen" which they release late in 2014. Great artwork of a snarling wolf or wolf guy (whatever). That artwork peaked my interest as did their band name. If I wouldn't of noticed that they were from Ohio (from their sound) I would of guessed they were from London. The vocalist has that brit punk tone and their sound is a dirty retro indie barrage / blend that made me think of bands like The Hives, Ty Segall, The Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Fidlar and Thee Ohsees all rolled into one.

From the first track (It Breeds) to the last (Body Zero) I had a big fucking annoying grin on my face. The thick guitars, super active bass and vocals that have a tinge Jello Biafra meets Johnny Rotten is instantly addictive. Songs like Situation and You Tasting Colors don't necessarily mine new territory but Subsets do what they do so well and with such righteous punk zeal that they hook you into the fold right away. The sound is wide eyed crazy and for some reason I thought of ravishing zombies ala George Romero while I listened to some of the tracks. In the Sunday Knif the punk attack slows down in such a great way to only roll up big at the end. My favorite track The Wolf Waits is luscious in it's punk sway with thick guitars and amazingly busy bass lines. My second fav is Duct Tape Make Out Party which feels like a punk riot.

I love this album. Where the fuck are my Doc Martens??
Robb Donker

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