Friday, April 24, 2015

LA Based Filmmakers Gantz, Cohn and Mullen Partner with Sadgirl on Ambitious project Via Kickstarter

(from Baby Fleas - Candy Bar)

I am a big fan of  Los Angeles based directors David Gantz and Theo Cohn who along with cinematographer and producer, Ben Mullen create short-form projects that play like full fledged films. This creative trio first came to my attention with the well crafted "The Spaceship" music video for the band Corners of which I wrote:

Corners' new video for "The Spaceship" plays like a pulpy passion play. Directed with an insane amount of detached flair by David Gantz and Theo Cohn it feels like a campy combination of Wes Anderson, Jean Pierre Jeunet and John Waters. Perfectly cast actors Samson Kohanski and Austin Carr vie for the affection of the comely Giselle Gilbert with deadly consequences. The tone of this mini movie captures the pulse of the post punk song which charges forth in it's over modulated glory amidst a thumping bass line, drums and edgy surf guitar. I love everything about this perfect meld of sound and imagery and if Gantz and Cohn decide to direct a full length movie I will be in line to see it.

After a dozen envelope pushing projects behind their collective sleeves they are partnering up with LA punk surf-wop band Sadgirl. It may very well be their most ambitious project to date, will be shot on film and they are jumping into the crowd funding pool to bring this dream, this vision to fruition. I encourage you to visit their Kickstarter page (here- do it now!) and help make this happen. Here is the video that clued me into their skills:

Ben Mullen - 2015 Cinematography Reel from Bellpepper Pictures on Vimeo.

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