Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Charlyne Yi - "Reincarnation" (Official Video) is a Blissful Mantra

Charlyne Yi's Official Video for "Reincarnation" finds the diminutive creative spark clad in leathers and traveling down sunlit California highways on a motorcycle as she sings this sock hop torch song about wanderlust and love.

The ballad stirs and swirls dreamily along until it becomes a crescendo in sustain. It is so charming and sweet in a kind Brian Wilson's "Smile" sort of way and then it blows up even more with an out of sight very cool trumpet accompaniment that is downright blissful. The repetitive refrain is so joyous that the song turns into a lovely mantra that could go on forever and not wear out it's welcome. It instead becomes part of you, just like your heartbeat or breathing itself... that is until it sadly ends at only a little over 2 minutes.

Reincarnation is from the album "Live from Hell"
check it out here:

Robb Donker

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