Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vomitface - EP "Another Bad Year" drops May 12th. Their own caustic blend of metal, grunge and punk (proto, post and crust). Stream: Never Make It

Jersey City's Vomitface is dropping a brand new EP on May 12th. "Another Bad Year " contain 5 tracks that pummel you into submission. There is the bi-polar punk cruncher Bruise with screaming sustains and twitchy melodies that fall into crust punkish metal screams. The almost 90's grunge punk stir of Travelers Cheques with a stalking cadence and a big chorus that has an almost post grunge Alice and Chains heart buried in the punk drama. Did She Come Alone which for me is the most delicious track on the EP has a punk swing with a Chorus that feels like The Stooges meets Nirvana but not. It is as addictive and catchy as anything I have heard this year (or last). The last track, Luckiest Man Alive is fun and insane full of blood and spit. It feels like the outsider who gets beat up by the neighborhood bullies. It goes down swinging with a masochistic grin on it's face. The first track, offered up for you to sample thanks to Jared Micah (vocals / guitar), Preetma Singh (Drums) and Sam Palumbo (Bass), is a playfully disjointed punk affair called Never Make It. It almost plods along like a dull ache. It is drum and bass heavy with guitar squeaks and squeals and dirty scrapes. Like all the songs on "Another Bad Year" it is a well crafted beautiful mess of a song. Vomitface is able to create songs that feel like full on brawls but with truly hooky engaging melodies. They also blend elements of metal, punk (proto, post and crust) into their own caustic sound. I absolutely love what they are doing.

Robb Donker

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