Sunday, May 31, 2015

Acustica Break Out - "Give Me The Beat" (Ghostland Observatory cover) and a whole lot more

If I were traveling through Romania (it could happen), needed the warm comfort of a beer and made my way to a pub only to find a three piece outfit doing their version Give Me The Beat by Ghostland Observatory my mind would be perfectly blown.

As a matter of fact that kind of happened, in a way, as I was chilling at home with a cold one and wanting to hear some Ghostland Observatory on Youtube I did stumble upon Acustica. These guys are based out of Brasov, Romainia and do some really sweet covers including songs by Tom Waits (amazing), Eagle Eye Cherry, The Police, Johnny Cash and more AND while I have never featured a so called cover band before, these guys steep these versions in their own style with a lot of verve so I felt compelled to tell you all about them.
Robb Donker

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