Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is Wax Children Really Changing Their Name?? Say It Ain't So

photo by Carlos Garcia of 36nm

Wax Children.... hmmm??  When I first heard those two words together about 2 years ago the pairing peaked my interest immediately. Sounds so weird and even creepy. If you don't know, Wax Children is an LA band (San Gabriel Valley) that makes some very cool music. It is trippy, dreamy and sort of on the experimental side of things. These guys don't ride trends or conform to one particular genre. One of my favorite Wax Children songs is Binding the Bends from their 2014 release Angst. I liken it to Interpol, Radiohead and Pere Ubu smooshed together in a wonderful way.

SO on their FACEBOOK page not more than 8 hours ago they announced (?) mentioned (?) joked (?) that they were changing their name to Bela Lugosi. Guys, please tell me that this is NOT true. I love the name Wax Children. It is as weird as your music and I mean that in the nicest sort of way.

Check out Wax Children's music and learn a more about the band here: and don't pass up the chance to see them live.


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