Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vicky and The Vengent's sound Burns True - "You Used To Be My Baby" Sock Hop Punk

The first time I heard Vicky and The Vengent's "You Used To Be My Baby" I thought of early Blondie and actually got a chill running up my spine. Vicky Tafoya's vocal performance has both bite and a slight tremble of vulnerability that burns true. While the inspiration for the sound may derive from 50's Do Wop / The Shangri- Las / Ronettes, the sound edges more toward 79 / early 80's new wave / alternative rock. The guitar lines made me think of The Smithereens meets the Ramones.

Their 3 song EP is the real deal. Rounding out the record is Forever and Why. While Tafoya and the boys sound might be classified as Malt Shop or Sock Hop Punk, their flavor is more straight and true to the source material than, let's say, Shannon and The Clams whose brand of 50's flavored punk feels more quirky like their sound is strained through a John Water's filter. I can tell you that I love both sounds. I am a huge Shannon and The Clams (Northern Cali) fan and Vicky and the Vengents (So Cal) might just be long lost cousins. They should play some gigs together.

Vicky and The Vengents material will be available through Burger Record's sub Weiner Records soon (if it is not already). Listen to the track below, turn it up super loud. Be warned! You may find yourself falling hard for Vicky.
Robb Donker

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