Sunday, June 21, 2015

Video / EP Review: Lade - "The Flood"

Lade's (the musical incarnation of Ethan Edenburg) latest EP, "The Flood" is the sort of down tempo electronic indie pop that is awash with swishes of sound and percussive flourishes that seem to be transmitted from space but it is the organic sounds: acoustic / electric guitars, piano and Ethan's up front intimate vocal performance that gives the songs their emotional edge. The orchestral sweep of Open Water is lush but cuts a cool groove as well. My Ghost has a vagabond heart stirring up an almost garden folk rock vibe with pedal steel sounds. The both spartan and bottom heavy Asleep with it's synth attacks and sultry cadence is almost inviting a rap break (I would love to hear that kind of collab- Wiz Khalifa are you listening?).

My favorite song on this dreamy EP is The Maze. Produced in a subtle way, it begins with only guitar and Ethan's intimate vocals. The melodies contained in the music and vocals have a patina of R and B, even jazz flavors in the cadence and phrasings. The namesake song The Flood might have the most cinematic sound to it and Lade just released an official video that matches the slowly swelling sounds and emotions that pour in around you. In the end, these songs are easy to get lost in. You can hear the EP here: Lade Bandcamp and see the video for The Flood below.

Robb Donker

The Flood - Lade from Lade on Vimeo.

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