Sunday, August 23, 2015

Confederate Flag, US Flag and Israeli Flag Fly Together - What does it mean?

Since I relocated to the South (from California), I have seen more Confederate Battle flags in the last few months that I have ever seen in my entire life. Part of it is this region of the country and part of it is people's natural tendency to fly flags because other people are saying that they shouldn't. For most, the Southern Cross is a historical hateful icon steeped in racism. For others, it seems to be a part of their southern heritage and, in fact, they tout the "heritage not hate" phrase. I tend to fall in the first category (see some of my reasons here) but I do not doubt that some people who fly the Confederate Flag are not hateful and not racists.

A while back while traveling up to Monroe, Georgia (via Highway 11) I saw a house flying 3 flags. They were actually beautifully displayed. From left to right, a Confederate Battle flag, the US Stars and Stripes and the Israeli flag. These flags flying together kind of stunned me. What did it mean? I can tell you that when I see a Confederate flag flying by itself it concerns me. I guess only because I know that the KKK often times substitutes the US flag for the Confederate flag. I think that if you want to fly the Confederate flag as a statement of southern pride then it should be flown with the US flag (that's just me). The fact that the Israeli flag is flying, I suppose, shows this person's solidarity with our mid-east ally.

A google search revealed that there might be a demand for the pairing of the Israeli flag and Confederate flag. There are cross pins (of all sorts) on line although this pairing might have a dark side. Some people are saying the the Israeli attitude toward the Palestinians is tantamount to the old school racism of the Confederacy's founders.

I am going to give the homeowner who is flying all three flags the benefit of the doubt. I am going to assume his display does not have a racist underbelly but instead it simply means that he has a love for his country, the South (in general) and he supports Israel.

- Robb Donker

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