Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Garden - "All Smiles Over Here" (Official Video) - Eerie Dark Art Punk

In some strange parallel universe I would want to substitute Kramer in Seinfeld with Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. Just think about it. Kramer and the brothers have an amazing sense of style, their own unique facial expressions and they are creatively artful. The Garden's art punk is always a bit mind numbing in a good way. Their presence, their look, their persona which seems to be in constant flux is inextricably tied to their sound so their videos always demand your attention.

 "All Smiles Over Here" as directed by Jonny Look and shot by Chris Westlund has a kind of eerie sense, a kind of ultra dark comedic spin in that Donnie Darko Richard Kelly sort of way.  An empty Chinese restaurant, mysterious shapes that come into view and oozing matter all become visual fodder for this new cool dark proto-ish art punk track from their upcoming album "haha" available in October. I look so forward to hearing the rest of "haha" but in the meantime I will imagine Wyatt and Fletcher sliding into Jerry's apartment.
Robb Donker

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