Monday, August 3, 2015

Die With No Regrets Playlist- A Collection of Songs I Put Together For You

Lately I have been thinking of death. Some of my friends have experienced losses as of late and while most were friends they knew who were suffering with long illnesses and death was expected (in a way), others died suddenly. Those sudden deaths are what keep me up at night sometime. I know it sounds maudlin and like some form of self torture but I worry about those whom I love dearly and hope and pray that I will never have to live through the experience of their passing. I say hope and pray as a common phrase as two words that go together but I don't believe in any deity per-say.

In thinking about death, about passing I hope when the time comes I  so without any regrets which seems impossible as regretting my past decisions is something I do each and every day. It is a self inflicting form of pain, and exercise, a habbit that I am trying to stop. It is so destructive. I must say that I am a lot better at owning up to the decisions of my life and accepting them than I used to be. Acceptance, self love is something that we all should be working on. So this playlist is entitled "Die With No Regrets" and it is comprised of old songs and more current ones. I think they all kind of fit together in a sonic kind of way. They all have a blendo, daring proto punk spirit. I hope you enjoy them as a whole.

Have a great day people. One with minimal or even No regrets.
Robb Donker

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