Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doe Paoro Tease Track "Growth / Decay" for upcoming Album- "After"

I have lost track of Doe Paoro. Not because she has not been out there but because my eclectic taste in music has not flowed her way for awhile. I do fondly remember the minimalist tracks from a few years ago like Slow To Love and Body Games and Doe's vocal performance seemingly always tinged with sadness got right to your heart.

She is sharing a dreamy track off of her upcoming album "After"  due to drop September 25th (on Anti) and it is called Growth / Decay.
The production goes from spartan to pretty lush as Doe still swims in sad waters- "Witness to my own tragedy, watching all the pedals fall" amid a slow dance cadence. Her vocal performance is so strong, beautiful, introspective and dynamic as the melody lilts then rushes then breathes.
- Robb Donker

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