Friday, October 30, 2015

London Based Art Pop Outfit: GLASS- "What It Is To Believe" (Official Video) - Truly Shocking and Undeniably Engaging

Maybe there is something in the air or maybe Halloween has cast a far reaching spindly hand of death on the neck of misogyny (in music videos) but in the last 30 days not one but two men have been grisly dispatched at the revengeful hands of female killers. First on September 29th, the Disclosure video for Magnets featuring Lorde had the New Zealand singer kick her bound victim into a swimming pool and then set the gasoline tinged water ablaze and now London based art pop outfit Glass has heaped heavy synth lines, trancy melodies and buckets of blood in their provocative grand guignol video for What It Is To Believe. The narrative in the video is truly shocking and the art pop is undeniably engaging. The dancing piano offset by the percussion and deep synth percolates and moves so very well as Jessica Winter's vocal performance, full of internal emotion and wide eyed whimsy at the same time, pulls you in. The only thing wrong with the song is it is too short so you will undoubtedly be pushing play again and again.
Robb Donker

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