Monday, November 2, 2015

Post Life - (Official Video) "Dissolve" From Their Album "Living Can Wait" - A Euphoric Punk Jigsaw Puzzle

Los Angeles punk rockers Post Life just released the official video for Dissolve- the second to last track on their latest album "Living Can Wait" released back in September. The tone of the video feels like lost and emotionally spent lives feeling downright comatose over a loved one who is hurting until she finally awakes from her pain. The band poised in a parked car seem to be waiting for the resolution as well and the full charge of the song feels like the adrenaline fueled cure. Like the other tracks on "Living Can Wait", Dissolve feels like a runaway train. Post Life's sound does fall under the "punk" umbrella but their songs don't immediately make you think "punk" at least not in a standard way. While Warehauz, 23 and Next Gen do feel utterly thrashy and proto punkish, you can feel strains of more hardcore and even prog post rock in songs like the fucking amazingly dense Tabasco (that made me think of a proggy X somehow) and the audaciously euphoric (huh-huh) Prey.

The progressive nature of this music is what makes it so amazing to me. Bass, guitars and drums intricately fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that you have to stomp down with your fist to make the pieces fit. Brianna's vocal yelp stitches it all together and it might be her full tilt call, sometimes filled with doubt, pain, elation and abandon that ultimately gives these songs a goose bumped jubilant feel. Not jubilant as in happy go lucky but as in I don't give a fuck I just need to press on no matter what. And while there may be a patina of nihilism throughout there are also equal doses of hope. "Living Can Wait" is a full fledged blisters on it's fingers punk album with a big heart.

Robb Donker

"Living Can Wait" Album

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