Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Soldiers of Fortune - "Campus Swagger" featuring Stephen Malkmus from the New "Early Risers" LP

NYC indie supergroup Soldiers of Fortune was born over ten years ago, conceived by Brad Truax (Interpol, Home) as a loosely knit musical outfit who were supposedly not going to do the things that normal bands do, like record, or practice or even write songs but featuring (at it's core) Truax, Matt Sweeny (Chavez, Superwolf) and Kid Millions (Oneida) they have done all three and more including adding more members like Jesper Eklow of Endless Boogie, Barry London (Oneida) and guitarist Mike Bones. These rag tag rockers are set to drop their new album called "Early Risers" on Mexican Summer (November 6th) and it also features contributions from none other than Cass McCombs, Dan Melchior, Ethan Miller and Stephen Malkmus (and more). Check out: Campus Swagger featuring Stephen Malkmus' luscious acidic drawl. It is a jammy rocker that boogies like some kind of blend of Gay Dad, Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls.
Robb Donker

S.O.F Bandcamp: https://soldiers-of-fortune.bandcamp.com/

Early Risers:
Track List
01. Nails
02. Cinnamon Man
03. Campus Swagger (feat. Stephen Malkmus)
04. Old Roman Wall (feat. Cass McCombs)
05. Dog Tooth Down (feat. Ethan Miller)
06. Pure Shame (feat. Dan Melchior)
07. Santa Monica
08. Fatigues
09. Kall Mi Kaos (feat. Matt McAuley)
10. Which (feat. Clark "Yeremias" Bronson)

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