Friday, March 11, 2016

(Official Video) It Hurts Until It Doesn't by Mothers Cuts Deeply - See Them at SXSW March 12 /15 /17 (and full tour dates)

It Hurts Until It Doesn't by Mothers is the kind of track that makes you feel. Even if the song was about nothing you will feel the emotional weight of the guitar melodies, driving beat and Kristine Leschper's amazing vocal performance that is laced with introspection and loss. That being said, the song is about something as is the video which Leschper shot and edited in a homage to her missing loved one, her cat. Leschper says, "Casper has been missing since the the 30th of December but I still find his hair in my bedsheets. He was as sensitive as I was. When I walked to work in the morning he would follow until we approached the highway where I bullied him into turning around. He got into fights with the other cats, never could quite settle down. Last winter in a house without central heat I was doing everything I could to let the depression and anxiety finally win. Hardly more than a vague blur this footage is the only remaining video I have of my best friend who was so often the only thing keeping me rooted in reality, feeding my optimism, helping me survive."

Hope Casper finds his way back.

Mother's album "When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired dropped 2/26/16 via Grand Jury Music (US) Wichita Recordings (UK)

Mothers is touring extensively and will be at SXSW tomorrow March 12th- See full tour dates here:

Mothers’ music reminds us that gentleness isn’t weakness, and that despite the world’s best efforts, honesty is not an entirely lost art.” – Flagpole
Robb Donker

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