Sunday, April 10, 2016

Burger Records' Celebrates Five Years of Fun (and Trend Setting Music)- Hundreds of Pics- Burger X Five @ The Observatory

Putting on a cohesive music festival especially of the indie is a daunting task but the boys over at Burger Records have some how made it work at every turn. It seems like they intuitively know this aesthetic that they have more or less created. In fact, this thing they have percolated, this ability to coalesce all these bands and type of music that is this blend of garage, retro, kitsch, punk, prog punk, proto punk, psyche punk and 70's pop all feels so specific to Burger Records that anyone else who puts on these types of shows feels like they are copying the "Burger brand". The way the Burger boys choose the sounds feels innate and while it can appear that this massive success has sprung up easily around them anything this good and trend setting is a byproduct of hard work fueled by passion and fun born out of countless days and nights at the Burger Records hub in Fullerton California.

Last month, Burger put on a FIVE Year Anniversary Series of shows at the Observatory (home of the Burgerama Shows) from March, 7th to the 13th and as sure as John Dwyer wears shorts on stage Burger X Five was a smashing success. Check out the scads of pics shot by the wonderful Joanna Bautista  -  (for more full rez glory) and see her comments below:

Joanna Bautista's words:::

Day 1: Was such a good line up, everyone was friends. Most bands danced to the other bands set. The former guitarist from Hammered Satin was by me supporting his old band, such a nice guy named Edward. Funny moment was when the bassist from Fly Traps went up and kissed the singer from Death Valley Girls.

Day 2: Levitation Room's front man was so sick but held it together and put on a good show.

Day 4: So many people showed up to the last 2 days! Slow Dive performed in the middle of the day which was unexpected. Unfortunately, the singer, Rachel couldn't make it but was still a great performance. The constellation room was PACKED for Lovely Bad Things, pretty hard to get around. Press got kicked out early during Black Lips because it was as if everyone in the crowd decided to jump at the same time toward the stage!

Day 5: During The Orwells set press were getting kicked out of the pit by the third song, like usual, but I tried sticking around. Ended up being the last to leave because Mario tried to land a kiss on me, but I made it really awkward and just went for a hug HAHA! The press pit was completely off limits during Crystal Castles. They had actual police guarding and every security working in the pit, insane. The crowed still loved Crystal Castles without Alice and some even said Edith was better.

The Orwells:::

Cherry Glazzerr:::

Hammered Satin:::

Tijuanna Panthers:::

Death Valley Girls:::

 The Lovely Bad Things:::

Chrystal Castles:::

Andre Nikatina:::

Thee Oh Sees:::

Jessie Jones:::


The Black Lips:::

The Garden:::

Shannon and the Clams:::

The FlyTraps:::

The Buttertones:::



Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel:::

Mystic Braves:::

Tomorrows Tulips:::

Levitation Room:::

Beach Fossils:::

Dead Meadow:::

Go Zilla:::

The Gooch Palms:::

The Sloths:::

Guantanamo Baywatch:::



Wild Wing:::

LA Witch:::

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