Monday, April 18, 2016

California Punk from Audacity - New Album "Hyper Vessels" - Back From Europe / Japan Catch Their US Dates

When I listen to Audacity's latest punk pile driving album appropriately titled "Hyper Vessels" I thought of Dead Milkmen and Bad Brains a bit. I also thought of Ty Segall (at his most punk) genetically fused with 1000 elementary school graders high on pixie sticks.

The utter heaviness of the guitars, bass and drums and Matt Schmalfied's vocals that always sound like a kid mouthing off to an adult is mosh inducing punk to be sure but as part of a Orange County, California DIY scene that Audacity has helped cultivate over many years (since they were in middle school) the ferocity is tempered with a sense of fun too.

"Hyper Vessels" might just be there most punk sounding record thus far (I even hear some Johnny Rotten in Overrated) as the Fullerton Boys have discarded (for the most part) any mid-tempo tracks and power pop tone. Totally Killer record that you can hear on their Bandcamp here and revel in their video for Dirty Boy below.

Audacity has just returned from touring Europe and Japan and are currently touring US dates. See below. Tonight they will be in Tennessee and tomorrow night in Atlanta.
Robb Donker


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