Sunday, May 22, 2016

Secret Arcade- These Tracks / Videos from "Quarter Century" Will Elevate You - "Suspect" and "Fall For Me"

Full disclosure: Found a sweet submission in my email from Planetary Group (thanks Kyle) concerning Secret Arcade which is the music moniker of Babak Govan who according to his Facebook is a fiction writer and a Portland, Oregon transplant. It is funny, I don't know anything about his writing or if that is his sole occupation. I don't know if he works as a manager at Dennys for his real job or if he is a top software designer. I don't know even know if Babak Govan is his real name. What I do know is that he is a pretty snappy dresser and as Secret Arcade he released his debut album Quarter Century on April 26th. I also know that the two tracks from that project as videos are truly engaging.

Suspect hooked me in right away and it's not only because I (in a past life) dreamed of being a member of Depeche Mode and Flock of Seagulls. The electronic sounds and guitar lines pulsating around Babak's icy vocal delivery works on every level. Great sounds that at once are deeply embedded in that 80's futuristic vibe and the future itself. I think it feels sci fi and thus kind of timeless. Great track- check out the video below.

Fall For Me is equally cool but in a more beautiful way. The sweet sway while still feeling a bit electronic in tone is really closer to having a blues heart. It is a slow dance in a church and hinged on that gravelly Babak vocal that veers a bit into Nick Cave, no.... Nick Cave in space. There is something in the tone, the organ that feels spacey and ties nicely with Suspect.

Nice stuff Mr. Govan-

Robb Donker


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