Friday, June 3, 2016

Man Is Not A Bird- "Life And Levity" - Video Release - Title Single from EP Release Today - TRACK REVIEW

Paris based 4some with the interesting name Man Is Not A Bird drops their first international release today. The EP is named Life And Levity and the title single video can be seen below. While the psychedelic images that remind me of reflections in gasoline tinged puddles of water are very dreamy, it is the sheer vast power and beauty of the track itself that has me hooked in.

Life And Levity with it's noise rock meets anthem rock aesthetic is so thick and lush. The song ebbs and flows, slows down to breath and then takes off running. The dynamic shifts push the emotional shifts. It is full of dramatic flair and again does it all with an all encompassing sound. Listen and feel the heavy thumpy thick guitars at 3 and a half minutes in and it sound so amazing only to lift off to something that sounds hopeful, kind of sad but uplifting as well. It gave me goosebumps. I will definitely have my eyes and ears out for Man Is Not A Bird and while they have toured extensively in the UK, Germany and Spain I want them to come here. To the United States and specifically the East coast so I can see them live. HEY, guys at Shaky Knees are you listening??
Robb Donker

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