Friday, June 3, 2016

Why I Can't Get Grimes' Fallon Performance of "Flesh Without Blood" Out of My Mind

All week Jimmy Fallon was on re-run mode and a couple of nights ago as I lay in bed the May 4th Grimes performance of Flesh Without Blood came on and again, I was so blown away from the artistry on display. I also realized that the performance hinged on a dozen elements that elevated the ultra catchy art rock electronica to something so much more that is usually not on late night talk show television.

Key to the allure is the lighting and super saturated color palette. The two dancers (Alyson Van and Linda Celine Davis) were downright amazing and a huge highlight. With movements that made them appear both in slow motion and cast through a strobe light I think they heightened the already kinetic feel of the track. Grimes and Hana themselves look like art pieces and their flair for abstract poised moves added to the hyper reality. And, of course, Fallon's director shooting the right shots from the right angles and cutting so artfully is the final element that if done wrong would of made the performance fall flat. In terms of perking my ears up and tingling my Spidey senses, this performance in the surprise meter is up there with the first time Devo appeared on SNL.  Amazing stuff and I keep coming back to it.
Robb Donker

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