Saturday, July 23, 2016

From the Insomnia Files- Lauren from The Lovely Bad Things Cover of Smudge's "Little Help"

I like when bands / artists cover songs. The best covers are more like transformations of the original. Changing up the emotional or musical tone. Adapting  a different sensibility or cadence. Indie / punk / punk pop band, The Lovely Bad Things posted up a Soundcloud link last night of Lauren doing her take of Aussie rock band Smudge's song 'Little Help' which is from their 1994 debut record "Manilow" [via Domino in the UK  and Half A Cow records in Australia and Canada (also re-released in 2006 via the same Half A Cow label)].

Smudge is one of those early 90's indie seed bands whose influence has helped sprout thousands of other bands and their songs. Not to mention Tom Morgan's collaboration with Evan Dando and his band the Lemonheads, Smudge (for me) falls into that indie category inhabited by The Lemonheads (of course), Miracle Legion / Polaris, R.E.M and Dinosaur Jr. All bands whose songs are often times propelled by electrified open folk chords and whose aesthetic is deceptively heavy on emotional subtexts.

Lauren strips down the original and slows it down creating something beautiful.

-Robb Donker

Band pic by Samuel Dorian Perez courtesy of xytio

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