Friday, July 22, 2016

"The Sad Soundtrack To Ur Summer" by Sushi Twin Is Like That High School Party When That Girl Broke Up With You and That Guy Puked On Your Shoes

Marshall Mulkey has a lot to say. The depth of what might depend on your age or if you are on the way to realizing your dreams or chasing them as they are rushing so far and fast that you will never reach them.

The songs on "The Sad Soundtrack to Ur Summer" on one hand can feel kinda jokey and on the other hand will feel totally real to legions of angst ridden kids or young adults who may or may not have things figured out. The music is stripped down and basic and in some ways feel a lot like a dirtier grungier version of Blink 182. Yeah I said it Blink 182. If you challenge me on this just listen to Headbang Your Feeling Away. Sushi Twin kinda is like Blink at their most sardonic bent, like Blink from the shitty part of town. They are better than Blink 182. Why the fuck am I talking about Blink 182 so much? While I am at it I thought of Diarrhea Planet too while listening to Disdain, Dat Dain I guess because if it was beefier it has a similar aesthetic. Sushi Twin feels more emo-grunge-ish but also have that sense of fun like Diarrhea planet. Oh by the way, Disdain, Dat Dain might be (for most people) their best track on the album and has the best use of "dick" in a song. They need to make a video for this song and not a shitty video but take some time and make a good story-ish one.

While you may think that this album is merely about teen angst and the everyday things of life and party life then Prom Chips pops up. It is a break up song and full of true barbs and feelings and it feels real. It is like one long run on sentence with passages like  "And I ask you a million questions of how this could end like that and you just looked at me with your beautiful eyes that live inside your skull and you've got such an ugly face but you got such a beautiful soul... and how am I supposed to take that" that slowly hook you into a story that might be familiar to many, that is rooted in reality and is universal. As the song gets musically heavier, Marshall starts belting out the refrain repeatedly drifting in and out of tune. Now, quite frankly, he drifts out of tune a lot but it is buried in this emotion kind of track and for me that offsets the in or out of tune issue because the singing feels more like sounds of pain. He, in fact, belts out in the first track Lily so he can stay in tune. Not sure if I am making any sense but I guess I am saying that I like the honesty here, the fact that Sushi Twin decided to leave the blemishes in this track.

Lets Talk About Pizza has nothing to do with pizza but it may have to do with an unplanned pregnancy. Fullest House moves really well and feels like a house party song. Pay A Buck, Hear Me Whine is a moody mid tempo diatribe with a hooky guitar hook. It has this kind of look at the stars talky quality that made me think of Counting Crows. I like this track. Lily is like a more hardcore Better Than Ezra song, it has some cool part and I bet this is a crowd pleaser live.

In the end, Sushi Twins' "The Sad Soundtrack to Ur Summer" like the dispossessed youth it might appeal to the most might not set the world on fire.... yet,  but maybe we should all listen to what it has to say.

These guys are Marshall Mulkey (guitar, vocals), Mitchell Mulkey (bass, vocals) and Chris Corbo (drums) and are based out of Currituck, North Carolina.

Please check this album out.
Robb Donker

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