Saturday, August 20, 2016

DAY 3- SAT 20TH - ECHO PARK RISING 2016- Our Picks- Adult Books, Moon Honey, The Weirdos, Ivory Deville, Bleached, Yoko and the Oh No's, Green Gerry, Bloody Death Skull, Criminal Hygiene, La Luz and MORE

Holy shit, you Echo Park Risers must be waking up with mushy brains with the sheer mental and emotional overload from all the many varied creative assaults on your heart and head not to mention the punch to the stomach from those of you who ate and partied too much or not enough. I mean that's the way it goes right at these kinds of all day beautiful affairs. You attack it with wild abandon at the cost of your stomach or you indulge in every fucking thing.

Cast any sensory and bodily damage aside because it is time for DAY 3. It is time to chill out with Drug Cabin, trip out with Globelamp, spaz out with The Weirdos, chug with Criminal Hygiene, dance with Bleached, headbang with Flames of Durga, dance (with drink in hand) with Green Gerry, dance until exhausted to Them Howling Bones, stare with quizzical wonderment at Bloody Death Skull and mosh to Adult Books and much, much more. You, my friends, have a full fucking day!

As I have said before, whoever you see today you are going to have a great day! Here are my picks for DAY 3:
At the Echo Patio: CB Brand at 2 PM, Ivory Deville at 7PM and Drug Cabin at 9 PM. Yoko and the Oh Nos at 3:30 PM, Billy Changer at 5:50 and Globelamp at 6:40 PM at The Echo. Catch The Tissues at 3:25 at the Echoplex along with Magic Bronson at 2:40 PM, The Molochs at 7:30 and the Weirdos at 9:10. At the Cosmic Vinyl stage at 8PM see Sam Morrow. On the Liberty Stage you got Criminal Hygiene at 3:40, Swimm at 5:20, Feels at 6:10, La Luz at 7:50 and Bleached at 8:50. On the Little Joy Cocktails stage - Flames of Durga at 7 PM. See Mars and the Massacre at 4 PM on the Lost Knight stage as well as Green Gerry at 7:45, Wet and Reckless at 9:15 and The Blank Tapes at 11:30. On the Lot 1 Cafe stage- Ablebody goes on at 3 PM, Polartropica at 4, Name the Band at 7 and Hammered Satin at 10 PM. You can see Them Howling Bones at 4 PM on the Short Stop stage. At Spacedust, Black Sea plays at 6:15 and Golden Animals at 7:45. Catch Bloody Death Skull at 6:30 and So Many Wizards at 9:45 at the Stories Book and Cafe. At Taix see Brit Manor at 6:15, Cellars at 8:15, Moon Honey at 9:15 and Adult Books at 11:15.
Robb Donker

 cb brand 2pm

Ivory Deville 7pm

drug cabin 9pm

 billy changer

globelamp 640

magic bronson 240

 the tissues 325

the molochs 730


criminal hygiene 340

swimm 520

feels 610

la luz 750

bleached 850

mars and the massacre 4pm

green gerry 745

wet and reckless 915pm

theblanktapes 1130pm

ablebody 3pm

name the band 7pm

hammered satin 10

them howling bones 4pm

golden animals 745pm

bloody death skull 630pm

so many wizards 945pm

moon honey 915 pm

adult books 1115 pm

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