Sunday, August 21, 2016

Echo Park Rising DAY 4 for the Diehards- From Blistering Country Tinged Rock of Down and Outlaws to the Punk Hard Meatbodies and Dutch Party, Lovely Bad Things, Wyatt Blair, Melted, Sheer, Flying Hair, Moaning, The Tyde and MORE

DAY 4 of the One and ONLY Echo Park Rising 2016 runs the gamut from country rock leanings at Cosmic Vinyl and all out mosh worthy grungy punk at the Echoplex and everything in between. This day is for the diehards who are going to savagely grab onto the last musical moments of freedom before they have to slither into work on Monday. I must say that since moving away from California which will always be my home that Echo Park Rising is one of the happenings in So Cal that I miss very much and it is a model for artistic expression that should be replicated in communities all across the country.  Free music pulling people who might otherwise not know a area of the city and all that city has to offer in terms of restaurants, shops, record stores and more is a win win for everyone involved. Echo Park Rising is rad and important. As always, whomever you choose to see today YOU will have a great time but here are my picks for DAY 4 with an unabashedly happy shout out to an intense block of sound for bands I know and love and who kill it every time (at the Echoplex - see poster below):

The Tyde at 4:40 at The Echo Stage as well as The Sloths at 5:30, Beam Bums at 6:20 and Wyatt Blair at 8 PM. On the Echoplex Stage : The Eleventh Frequency at 4:40, Barrow at 5 PM, Melted at 8 PM, Lovely Bad Things at 8:50, Flying Hair at 9:40 and Meat Bodies at 10:30.

On the Cosmic Vinyl stage- drown your sorrows with Patrolled by Radar at 4 PM and rock with Down and Outlaws at 6 and Nocona at 8 PM. Be sure and catch Moaning at 3:15 on the Little Joy Cocktails stage as well as Vug Arakas at 4:45 and Dead Dawn at 7 PM. Bodegas at 2:30, Jamie Allensworth at 5:30 and The Kidneys at 6:15 on the Lost Knight stage. At Lost Room: The Echo and the Sound at 5 PM, Ultra Violent Rays at 5:45 and Dutch Party at 6:30. Lot 1: The Red Pears early at 12:45 and Sheer at 3 PM.

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