Thursday, November 24, 2016

"All Night" by Lily Virginia Sweeps You Away

As of late I have been caught up in my own stuff. That is to say, writing and recording demos, an increased busy day job schedule and reading and writing about the election results have made my life increasingly dense pulling me away from what I do here at American Pancake which is sharing my thoughts on artists that I find interesting and hopefully turning you on to music that you have not heard before. Nice to share again.

The wildly talented Lily Virginia is based out of Brooklyn and recently released a video for All Night a track off her upcoming audio/visual album Play Me Twice which has / will be released one music video at a time. The latest All Night coalesces a subtly diverse blends of sounds and emotions. The music sways, dances, feels playful, sultry. It feels like it has R and B bones pushed through a indie alt pop filter. It sock hops, slow dances and embraces all the while Lily gives the vocal performance a kind of tortured tone on the verge of love or heartbreak.

Great, great stuff I am so glad I came out of my hole to listen to it. I look forward to delving into Lily's art.

Go to Lily's site to see the other videos (4  more) with more videos to come.

Robb Donker

NOTES: The ‘Play Me Twice Podcast’ is an interactive experiment and modern liner notes for the album.  As each music video come out, fans are encouraged to ask questions about the making of the song via social media or texting Lily Virginia’s music phone directly at +1-917-746-0723.  The podcast episodes also feature interviews with other independent artists on the meaning for them of making and releasing music while living a musical life today.

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