Monday, November 28, 2016

Sara Rachele: "1971 Javelin" - Single with "Sad Song" Showcase That Voice

In  terms of music we live in interesting times. The wealth of music out there is sometimes overwhelming especially if you write about music for a blog as small as AP. There is a lot of music that just doesn't make my ears perk up. Besides song structure, overall feel and that oftentimes undefinable thing that touches me, pierces the cynical exterior you don't often hear an artist with that voice. Sara Rachelle has that voice in spades.

Listening to Sad Song, the B side from her recent 7" Digital Single I was stunned by the breadth and scope of her vocal performance. She has an iconic sound really and by that I mean she has an old soul residing somewhere inside her. Amidst the rolling picking that made me think a little bit of REM my mind flashed on Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, and Stevie Nicks all blended together. Sara is originally from Decatur, Georgia but her musical journey has taken her to Manhattan's East Village.

The A side of the single is the evocative 1971 Javelin. The retro sound feels real. The aesthetic with the organs and sultry tone has Shindig written all over it but in the same way that Tarantino can infuse his glorious B-movie exploitation into a story that takes place now, 1971 Javelin blends "today" seamlessly in. The upfront electric guitar with it's deliciously heavy harmonics, heavy bass and overall upfront grit has a touch of Dead Weather-ness making the track feel custom and cool without a touch of nostalgia as campiness.

Loving this record.
Robb Donker

Pic courtesy of Instagram:
1971 Javelin the 7’’ single out Oct 7, via Angrygal Records.

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