Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Swedish Art Pop Provocateur Ms. Henrik Drops Debut LP "Fake and Copy" - Slick Back Your Hair, Put on Your Lipstick and Listen

Swedish art-pop / indie electronica provocateur Ms. Henrik is due to drop his debut LP entitled Fake and Copy on November 18th on Birds Records. The album is full of synth hooks, deep grooves and an ever changing tapestry of flavors. Never Put Your Guns Down has a kind of elegant new wave vibe ala Martin Fry (of ABC) while the instrumental Copy What I think (40B) veers into a deep dance punk groove. Speaking of punk the strange and engaging When Mike Watt Lost D. Boon with it's heavy vocoder sound floats around different genres all the way while hinging on the dark sad chorus of the Minutemen's founding father loss of his best friend D.Boon.

Blessed Are The Bald Men turns dark and  pokes at the politics of greed and drugs all the while having a celebratory chorus that almost has a heady KajaGoogoo vibe. I really love this track.  Cut Down On Everyone has a beautifully sultry Bryan Ferry sway and a smart melody. Henrik pushes his vocal performance so nicely and it is less effected than on other tracks. So good.  Fake What You Feel has that majestic 80's new wave tone. It feels like super pop really. Lush and tortured.
Ms. Henrik with a dramatic androgynous look sporting red lipstick and flaunting one hell of a cool hair style is the kind of artist who would undoubtedly make Mike Pence squirm. All the more reason to embrace Ms. Henrik. Check out Like Lovers Do and dance your ass off.
Robb Donker

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