Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The 2016 Sh*t Show is Almost Over. After Today's Historic Election Americans Can Proudly Exit The Voting Booth and Take a Collective Shower

So  here we sit on the precipice holding our collective breath. Who will win... Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Obviously this is Hillary's election to lose, if indeed that happens. She has the most to lose, a legacy as the first women president. The Donald really wins either way. Win or lose he will (to his supporters and) in his mind have fought the good fight in a system that was rigged against him. He will have become one of those disenfranchised Americans who was stomped down by the proverbial system that he appeals to the most. Just think if by some dark miracle Trump pulls it off he will be the first president who appeared in Home Alone and WWE Wrestling ran the Miss Universe Pageant and who has not released his tax returns.  Now, truth be told, I don't know if there are other past candidates have not released their tax returns but I certainly can't think of any.

Anyway, Trump does things his way. As someone recently said to me, "He is one brash muther fuc....." and speaking of mothers we have Hillary Clinton. Now I am not a fan of this woman but I must say that she hasn't been touting the woman card as much as she could of during the election and while there are some celebs and organizations who hinge a lot of her character on the fact that she is a woman and more importantly a woman, Hillary seems to want to firmly win on her ability to face off toe to toe with men. Now, when I do think of the mother thing I think of mothering and the thought of that kind of mothering on a governmental level is what causes me concern. We don't need a smothering mother of a President. We need to cut those governmental apron strings. Still Luis CK and Katy Perry and other celebs celebrate her woman and mother hood. Maybe this strategy will work on all the millennials out there. Millennials after all are staying a home longer and having mom do their laundry for them.

This election season more than most has splattered a huge black spot on the two party system. On one hand we watched the republican party literally implode in front of us. They are now so fractured and unfocused that they will have to become something else entirely and move more toward the center. That is a good thing. The democratic party did not fair well either. The infighting and wonky electoral machine that helped cement Bernie Sanders demise seemed to pervert democratic ideals. The democratic party more than any other time in history seems to have gone the way of big money party politics. They need to find their grass roots again. While it seems that the republican party may of lost their heart a long time ago the democratic party has surely lost it's soul. And once again, the system, yes, the system has kept the alternative parties firmly at arm's length like the kids at the children's table at Thanksgiving.

When I talk to most people they tell me they are voting against one of the candidates and not for the other one. This is damn sad. Many of you will cast a vote for Trump because you don't want "crooked Hillary" for the next 4 years and vice versa many of you are begrudgingly casting a vote for Hillary because you don't want a megalomaniac in office. I almost see Trump and Clinton as the same person. They both definitely know how to milk the system. They both exist in a rarefied place of power surrounded by "advisers" to their right and sycophants to their left. They both feel like hucksters, they both feel like politics as usual and they both feel like they are wanting the presidency for the wrong reasons. Those who seem more pure of heart like Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein of the Green Party have been summarily cast aside by the media. Media after all hates purity and self sacrifice and ideas... they just like all this shit. Well, this shit show is about to end and we will all get by and get along despite who is supposedly leading us. While most of America will cast their vote and then feel like taking a shower to rinse all this muck off there are some of you who will cast a vote for somebody they believe in, for ideals. I applaud you and give you a pat on the back for at least voting your conscious (whoever you cast your vote for).

Robb Donker

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