Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election: 2:18 AM and Still Too Close To Call. Trump Win Likely. Democrats Don't Be Too Sad.

2:18 AM and Still Too Close To Call. Democrats Don't Be Too Sad.

For those of you Democrats who are sad today know this. Donald Trump's stunning performance 
in this election is not a mandate for him or his policies but a turn away from politics as usual, 
from the Washington establishment, from huge political machines and from the Clinton legacy. 
When the democratic party and voters turned away from Bernie Sanders I knew deep down 
inside that the democratic party was in trouble. In order to win, we all knew that Clinton had 
to capture the young vote, the women's vote in mass and the black vote. She under performed 
across the board and rightly so. These voting blocks seemed to be just that for Hillary, categories 
of the population to be pandered to too little too late. 

Hillary Clinton seemed to much like her opponent. Bill Clinton's support of the 1994 Crime Bill 
that incarcerated low level drug users at an alarming rate and his enactment of the Riegle Neal 
Interstate Banking Bill which was the first move in a series of acts that deregulated the financial 
industry signaled an attack on the poor and a love for the money makers for Wall Street. 
Hillary Clinton carried this baggage and she deserved to carry it. 

If Trump does indeed win (and it looks like this is going to be the case) it could signal a 
paradigm shift on the way elections are won and who wins elections. Certainly the idea of 
a "citizen" President is positive. The sense that a non career politician can rise to be the leader 
of the United States of America is heartening. Trump's win also signals a deep seated disdain 
for the Federal Government itself and the size of government. Also positives but Trump's win 
also is directly tied to social media. At no other time in history could this happen. 

So you put up a disliked opponent up against a Washington outsider at a time when people 
want a change and this is what you get and make no mistake about it, the dislike for Clinton will
be key in Trump’s win because those who cannot stomach to vote for Clinton voted for Jill Stein
and Gary Johnson who actually performed quite well in some key states. If indeed Trump wins 
then we are stuck with him for the next four years. Many of my liberal friends are sad but I hope 
you don't stay sad for long. It is likely that Trump's rhetoric will be ratcheted down considerably. 
Maybe.... just maybe he will build bridges more than walls. Yeah I know.... 
what the f*ck, I guess I am just an optimist at heart. 

At any rate at 2 in the morning Eastern time it is still too close to call. This has turned into
a nail biter and my fingers are bleeding.

Robb Donker
American Pancake

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