Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Son of a Bitch Pulls It Off. Trump Wins. Clinton Concedes and It Feels Like Bizarro Land.

I am staring at my computer screen a bit stunned. I mean as the Election night wore on it was apparent that Hillary Clinton was in serious trouble but seeing the breaking news that Donald Trump actually pulled it off and seeing his acceptance speech as President Elect was absolutely surreal. My immediate thoughts:

Trumps speech was surprisingly positive. His venom switch was off. He seemed like a man who might just raise to the level of the office and be more compassionate. I don't know. Remember this is a man who catered to angry white voters and even racist KKK groups who he actually said he didn't know anything about. Can he change his stripes? Are his stripes real? Will he build bridges instead of that fucking wall?? I hope so.

Hilary Clinton LOST this election. She just doesn't connect with people. She feels (maybe is) one of the 1 percent-ers who she tried to distance herself from during the election. She has a long history of hobnobbing with Wallstreet. She was, in fact, painted with that brush by Bernie Sanders and that thick coat of paint stuck. It stuck because she could not wash it off. Even Bernie's plea for his supporters to support her felt false. She also carried the awful baggage packed up with a bow by her husband Bill Clinton who while President supported the 1994 Crime Bill that incarcerated low level drug users at an alarming rate and his enactment of the Riegle Neal Interstate Banking Bill which was the first move in a series of acts that deregulated the financial industry signaled an attack on the poor and a love for the money makers for Wall Street. Her support of the Iraq war also left a bad taste in liberals mouths. She was just wrong in so many ways and on so many levels. As much as the idea of the first woman president makes me happy her carrying that mantle would of ultimately been sad. 

The Democratic Party has become this bloated elitist machine tied to Wall Street just like the Republican Party and it sucks. They have lost their way. They need to find their grass roots. I thought they found it in Bernie Sanders but they rejected him. Poor Bernie.

The two party system sucks. Maybe Trump is a third party in a way. Republicans don't really like him and Democrats hate him. Maybe some angel will whisper in his ear, cast a spell and actually make him a centrist who is a positive influence. Maybe I watch to many Hallmark movies during this time of the year.

My head hurts and I need to tap out.

Robb Donker

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