Monday, August 14, 2017

American Pancake Radioshow PODCAST # 8: Athen's Pop Fest and Juggling Too Many Balls

It has been a couple of weeks since the last Podcast as my busy life seems to have gotten even more busy. It has been a combination of longer hours at the proverbial day job that can spill over into less time to work on songs for the new Donker EP set to drop before Christmas which then spills over into not keeping up with submissions to this here blog which then spill over into certain such home life chores as in taking care of certain car repairs to purchases that are time sensitive for recording Daws upgrades to taking care of actual important Governmental concerns to then circle back around to delaying some day job work thingies that I could better do at home!  A vicious revolving circle to time death. And time is so fleeting as it is. But enough complaining.

On to the Podcast. On the heals of seeing Blondie, Garbage and Deep Valley several days ago at Chastain Park Amphitheatre I also attended DAY 3 of the Athen's Pop Fest which is just a cool event in a very cool town. When you are in Athen's you must visit and purchase vinyl over at Wuxtry Records which has been helping to shape the music scene since 1976 and was voted in the top 25 of the best record stores in the country by Rolling Stone magazine. Grabbed great drinks and food at the Globe, got literally soaked to the bone by a typical Georgia torrential rain downpour so much so that I had to change clothes and missed the first band and then finally got over the historic iconic Georgia Theatre that quickly became my favorite venue of it's size ever. I also feature the luscious psych rock of Leaf, the amazing deep hooks and narrative of Sarah Bethe Nelson, the Indie pop prowess of Real Estate and a big fat shameless plug for some of my musical stuff!

Seeing Superchunk, meeting Kelly Deal and more-- so awesome. Check out PODCAST #8- (great for listening at work too!!)
Robb Donker

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