Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Eclipse Days and I Apologize For....

WHOA! Just wanted to say "Happy Eclipse Day" and please be careful especially with all the wee little ones who might not have their glasses on properly and damage there eyes.

Big apologies to those submissions that are stacked on my virtual table and in dire need of attention. There are many and my blog duties have taken a bit of a back seat as I am currently working on 3 new songs for the upcoming "Donker" EP (Age of Dinosaurs) due out December 1st. Apart from that writing some pieces for my Medium Page and curating for the Podcast. This while juggling a very busy day job and personal life too.

Yes, not enough hours in the day. I was thinking about that when in the middle of the day I was sawing up a couch in the garage that no one will take and has a date for the dumpster. What a life, huh??

I posted an incomplete song on the AP Facebook page- check it out-- Will it make the EP cut? I haven't decided, it sure is a bit different for me. Some info on the post about how I ended up putting images from the Virgin Suicides with it.

Thanks for all you who are supporting the blog, the podcast and my music.
Love you-



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