Thursday, August 3, 2017

AP Song of the Day: Dylan Hicks: Days of Dayton, Nights of Columbus - Listen to his Beautifully Slightly Bent Stories

Dylan Hicks hails out of Minneapolis where he hangs with his beautiful wife and child while putting his illustrious and slightly bent thoughts down or paper. Those thoughts eventually become novels, or fiction pieces / essays for numerous periodicals such as the Village Voice, the New York Times, New England Review, the Guardian and more and many of his thoughts become immortal lyrics in his songs that are too quite illustrious and slightly bent.

Dylan has a new album called Ad Out coming out in the fall (more on that in subsequent posts) but for now fall into his beautiful funk and listen to the song of the day: Days of Dayton, Nights of Columbus from his album Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene. After you hear the song of the day go to his Bandcamp here and push play on the entire album. It goes down easy and afterward you will be glad you listened to Hick's stories.
Robb Donker

Side Notes: Vocally Dylan reminds me a bit of Ryan Sambol (formerly of the Strange Boys)

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